What to take in my backpack? Can I make my own food at the Gaud bivouac?Are dogs allowed at the Gournier bivouac? Here are all the answers to your questions about the bivouacs in the ArdècheGorges!

  • How to book an overnight stay at the bivouac?
    Booking is necessary to sleep at the bivouac sites. You can book online or at the tourist offices near the Ardèche Gorges : Bourg-Saint-Andéol, Viviers, Saint-Martin-d’Ardèche, Larnas, Ruoms, Voguë and Vallon-Pont-d’Arc.
  • What do we find at the bivouac?
    You will find sanitary areas: toilets, showers, sinks, drinking water, barbecues with charcoal, picnic tables, tents if you have booked them, dustbins and containers. Coffees, teas and fruit juices are for sale at 2€ on the spot in the evening or morning (cash payment only, have spare change).
  • What to take with me?
    You can find  here a list of the equipment to bring.
  • Is there food and drinking water at the bivouac?
    Take all the necessary food for your two-day adventure.Take also enough water, you can fill your water bottle at the bivouac in the evening, there is drinking water in the sanitary areas.
  • What kind of food to bring?
    Favour heat-safe food, it will be stocked in your waterproof container or in your backpack: food cans, raw food, pasta salads, sandwiches, cereal bars… If you bring meat for the barbecue, it is better to freeze it before leaving on your adventure.
  • Can we make a campfire?
    No, you can use the barbecues provided for cooking. You can also bring a burner hob.
  • Are there electrical sockets to recharge the devices?
    No, it is the perfect time to escape from everything!
  • Can we shelter if it rains?
    Only in your tents and sanitary areas.
  • How to carry my belongings to the bivouac?
    The bivouacs are not accessible by vehicle, so you have to bring your belongings with you during the day.
    – By canoe: the rental provider will give you a 55-litrewaterproof container per person to carry your belongings. It is time to try minimalism, everything must fit in this container in order to stay dry!
    –For hiking: the key is a solid backpack!
  • Does my tent fit in a waterproof container?
    It depends on the size of the folding tent. The Decathlon 2 secondes’pop-up tent does not fit in, but a small tent for hiking can. To make your life easier, you can rent a tent when you book your overnight stay at the bivouac. To have a clear idea, here is the capacity of the waterproof container: 55 litres (size: 38 cm diameter and 50 cm high).
  • Can I rent a tent at the bivouac?
    Yes, you must rent it when booking. There are tents for everyone’s tastes : 3, 6, or 15 rooms. Book my overnight stay at the bivouac.
  • What is the size of the tent with 3 rooms?
    180 cm large x 210 cm long. 104 cm high.
  • What time should I arrive?
    At 8:00 pm utmost, it is the deadline of authorised navigation in the Nature Reserve. We advise you to arrive earlier to have time to settle in and to enjoy the nature entertainment at 7:00 pm.
  • Will somebody be on the spot?
    Yes, from 6:00 pm you will find the agents of the Nature Reserve on the beach and at the bivouac.
  • How can I find the bivouac?
    – By canoe, the rental provider will explain you how to take your bearings on the river before leaving. You will find signs all along your descent showing you the time remaining until the bivouac. A banner written ‘BIVOUAC DE GAUD/GOURNIER’ will inform that you have arrived on the beach. An agent of the Nature Reserve will also be here to guide you on the spot.
    –When hiking, take along a ‘IGN’ mapor a topography guide. The fording sites are indicated by signs and the bivouac direction is indicated at the crossings of other tracks.
  • How long does it take to reach the bivouac?
    – By canoe 32 km:
    Gaud: around 3 hours on day 1, then 4 hours on day 2
    Gournier: around 4 hours on day 1, then 3 hours on day 2
    – By canoe 24 km:
    Gaud: around 2 hours on day 1, then 4 hours on day 2
    Gournier: around 3 hours on day 1, then 3 hours on day 2
    – Hiking 22 km from Vallon-Pont-d’Arc:
    Gaud: around 3 hours on day 1, then 8 hours on day 2
    Gournier: around 5 hours on day 1, then 6 hours on day 2
    – Hiking 22 km from Saint-Martin-d’Ardèche:
    Gaud: around 8 hours on day 1, then 3 hours on day 2
    Gournier: around 6 hours on day 1, then 5 hours on day 2
  • What are the measures linked to COVID-19?
    There is a health protocol at the bivouac, wearing the mask is mandatory in the common areas and when the social distancing cannot be applied. Sanitory pass isn’t required. Hydroalcoholic gel and virucidal product are available. Sanitary areas, tables and the reception area are regularly disinfected. The Gaud bivouac can welcome 350 people and the Gournier one welcomes 250 people.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    – By canoe, your dog cannot take part in the adventure. The rules of the Nature Reserve forbid it, he could also be injured or drowned by jumping out of the canoe.
    – By hiking, he can follow you if he ison a leash. However, beware of the track because it is very steep and has difficult passages handrail and scales, it is better to take other tracks.
  • What to do in case of cancelling?
    In case of cancelling, you can postpone your overnight stay in the bivouac until 30 September of the current year. If you cannot postpone, a refund is possible in some cases: sickness, injury, bad weather… Contact the Bivouacs service at +33 (0)4 75 88 00 41 or by email at bivouacs@gorges-ardeche-pontdarc.fr to receive the file to complete.