Good food

Eating well is a big part of the holidays! And you’re in luck because here in the Ardèche, we love good food! We must admit that it’s not always the healthiest of options… but you’ve got time to be good when you go back home…

Picodon: AOP cheese made from raw goat’s milk: it’s delicious, no matter how you choose to eat it! Fresh on a slice of good bread, warmed in a salad, grated over pasta…

Caillette: to be eaten hot or cold, caillette is pork meat and either chard or spinach, blended into a kind of pâté. It can be made with cabbage, chestnuts or even potatoes

Crique: this is grated potatoes formed into a patty and fried in a pan. They are very easy to make and are delicious served with a caillette

Maoche: A pork stomach stuffed with stuffing made from meat, vegetables and herbs. This is a traditional dish which was prepared when the pig was slaughtered. To be served cold, or lightly fried.

Chestnuts: chestnut cream, glazed chestnuts, roasted chestnuts, chestnut flour… It is found in a number of recipes, including the Cousina (chestnut soup) and Lou Pisadou (dessert made with chestnut cream), and at the Castagnades, the traditional Ardèche celebrations held every year in Autumn.

caillette et fromage Ardèche ©Marina Geray