Château de Montélimar

Château de Montélimar


What a surprising citadel! Montélimar castle was home of the influential Adhémar family – the city was eventually named after them. Plunge into Middle Ages’ daily life with a visit that brings a refreshing and kids-friendly experience.

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The castle is ideally located a few minutes walk away from the city centre, standing atop Montélimar’s heights. The stronghold is a powerful testimony of the Adhémar family and lineage’s influence, for the city was named after them. The castle comprises the Lord’s lodge, a Roman chapel, a square tower and a curtain wall topped by a chemin de ronde. As centuries went by, the ensemble served various purposes, such as a palace, a fort, citadel and then a prison. Today, the castle is a publicly owned property and belongs to Département de la Drôme, it has been listed as part of the Monuments Historiques and has benefited from many restoration projects. The first visitors were admitted in 1983 and have enjoyed since the building’s unique Southern Roman architectural features. Most remarkable highlights of the stronghold include some notable arcade windows and a breathtaking 360° panorama over the city from the chemin de ronde.

History with children’s eyes

Whether our visitors are young amateurs with a knack for history heirlooms or simply curious minds, we encourage children and adults to explore this one of a kind castle: several visiting courses include games and fun activities for all ages. All courses cover the castle’s history and its architecture, the daily routine of Lords and their subjects, customs and rituals commonly used during Middle Age and how the City of Montélimar governed and was governed over the ages.
This project of setting up innovative, off the beaten track visiting courses for guests was initiated and carried out by local professionals and children, as part of collaborating plans and initiatives.