The Laoul Forest

The Laoul Forest


The forest "Laoul". An area of 2000 hectares.

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    • Place du Champ de Mars
    • 07700
    • Bourg-Saint-Andéol
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The forest is a great place in nature with a variety of wildlife. Paths and tracks to walk, to cycle or to ride offer you some great trips all year round.

There are different traces of mankind in the forest from long time ago/ These are for example the dolmens, tombs from the Neolithic (3000 - 1800 before Christ). At this time of the human evolution, mankind began to settle and tried to control nature (agriculture, life-stock breeding,...).
In the forest there was a roman pathway that lead from Alba la Romaine in the Rimour village and then to Bourg-Saint-Andéol.
There are also traces of human activity in the forest from recent centuries.
The vegetation was more sparce than today. Wood was used for different purposes (cooking, heating, construction, tools,...). The forest was cleared to run the land and to use the ressources as much as possible. In the 19th century the railroad was developped and the city has been extended.
At the beginning of the 20th century sheep farming was important. This can be seen on the several stone huts that served as a shelter from rain for the shepherds. Other houses that can be found in the forest were occupied by coal merchants. The exploitation of coal began in the 15th century with the increasing demand of fuel (foundry, glass production, smithy,...). The coal industry became especially important in the 1930's, when cities were developped and coal was used for the household (cooking, heating).
The chapel of Chalon, that has been built 800 years ago, represents the important of religion for this region. Until today a pilgrimage takes place every year around september 8.


Discover the river banks by bike with your family via the Via Rhona.