Musée du monde souterrain (Aven Marzal)

Musée du monde souterrain (Aven Marzal)

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The museum holds 80% of the authentic equipment used by the most famous speleologists. Paleontological artefacts discovered during their explorations. Visits used automated audioguides.
A trip back in time and a trip to the center of the earth.

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This museum of the underground world provides a visit with an audioguide of the history of underground exploration and shows the authentic equipment of the most daring cavers.

Located in Saint-Remèze, in the heart of the Ardèche river canyons, there are several activities on our site:

- The museum: museum of the underground world, that tells the story of the changes in the equipment used by spelunkers.

~ The cave: the Marzal swallowhole cave, a fabulous adventure at the heart of the earth, guided tour takes 45 minutes and takes you to a depth of 125 metres under the ground. You can also visit with audioguides in English, German and Dutch.

~ Prehistoric zoo: forest of othe dinosaurs, along an 800-meter trail in the forest where you will see lifesize reproductions of dinosaurs.