The Old Village

The village of Labeaume has a peaceful atmosphere thanks to the gentle lapping of the Beaume river and is surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs, with caves to explore.

It is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll past the typical terraced houses lining cobbled streets and small arched passageways.

Lose yourself in the labyrinth of small streets which lead all the way to the top of the village! You’ll see, the view from the top is breath-taking!


A little trip to the beach

After the climb to the top, you will have deserved a relaxing break on the beach.

You’re in luck because at the foot of the village, you’ll find one of the most beautiful riverside spots in the region.

For a dip in the river, to try out your skimming skills (the best skimming stones in the area can be found here!) or to just enjoy the view, it’s really worth a visit.

Labeaume Ardèche ©Matthieu Dupont
" Ok? Have you recharged your batteries? We’ve got a few options for you now:

1 - Head up to the viewpoint

From up there, the view over the village and the river is really impressive!

To get there you need to cross the submersible bridge and follow the marked footpath to St Alban Auriolles.

The footpath is an easy one at first and then you need to take a small path which climbs up to the right.

From the village, it will take around 15 minutes on foot.

Labeaume Ardèche ©Marina Geray

2 - Follow the river until you get to the suspended gardens

In bygone days, it wasn’t easy to find land that was good enough to grow crops on, so farmers decided to build some small gardens into the cliff face, overlooking the Gorges of La Beaume. From the suspended gardens of Récatadou, the view is breath-taking!

If you would like to see the view but without the hike up there, you can also reach the gardens by car. Park your car in the car park in front of Récatadou community centre (signposted before you get to Labeaume village on the right). Then you can enjoy the view, without any of the physical effort!

jardins suspendus de Labeaume Ardeche ©Marina Geray

Labeaume en Musiques Festival

If you come in the summer, you mustn’t miss the concerts at the Labeaume en Musiques festival.

From mid-July to mid-August, the river, village square, church and clearings all become stages in the evenings, to host lyrical, symphony, acoustic and above-all, natural shows.

Whether you prefer classical music or world music, the Labeaume en Musiques Festival is a perfect blend of musical genres, for very original summer evenings.

Festival Labeaume en Musiques Ardèche ©Matthieu Dupont

Plus d’infos sur le site web de la commune.