A natural wonderland

If, like us, you need a getaway and a to have sense of freedom. If the natural environment inspires and amazes you. If nothing makes you happier than exploring, venturing down footpaths, discovering breath-taking views, uncovering secret spots in the garrigue, an abandoned village or a pretty spot on the riverside.

If you feel lucky when you look up and catch a glimpse of a Bonelli’s Eagle or Egyptian vulture swirling up above you.

If the thought of all these magnificent landscapes gives you goosebumps.

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Gorges de l'Ardèche @Matthieu Dupont
" Because here in the Ardèche, from the majestic Ardèche Gorges, to the arid limestone plateaus of Balazuc or Chauzon, you are spoilt for choice for a hiking adventure.

400 km of marked footpaths, for family-friendly outings or more sporty expeditions. For 2 hours, half a day, a full day or even over 2 days through the Ardèche Gorges (absolutely fantastic!!!) Whether you are an experienced hiker or prefer an easy-going walk, you will find the trail for you in the Ardèche!


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With a guide

There are so many great walks to discover with the local guides! The perfect opportunity to meet new people, spend some quality time together, learn about the area, the wildlife, hear some local anecdotes, and to explore some of the more hidden spots!

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Randonnée Gorges de l'Ardèche ©Matthieu Dupont