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The Ardèche Gorges and the Pont d'Arc, the Chauvet 2 Cave, the picturesque villages of Balazuc, Labeaume, Viviers, Vogüé and Saint-Montan, the Aven d'Orgnac... Discover the must-seeing sites of 'Ardèche Gorges - Pont d'Arc' destination !

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  • Fermer filtres Vogue©M.Geray-6-(Copier)

    Charming village of Vogüé… Small houses huddled together at the foot of imposing cliffs. Stone cobbles, typical of old Ardèche villages.

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  • Fermer filtres le-village-de-lanas-septembre-2017-copyright-sbastien-gayet-pont-darc-ardche (Copier)

    The village of Lanas is located in the heart of the limestone plateau of Gras, near the Ardèche river. This ancient medieval village retains many remains of ramparts and fortified gates crossed by cobbled streets.

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  • Fermer filtres Balazuc©B.Girardi (Copier)

    With its small houses huddled against each other, clinging to the cliff above the Ardèche river, its cool and shaded cobbled streets, Balazuc is classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France.

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  • Fermer filtres village de caractere st montan ardeche

    Leaving the RD86 between the city of Viviers and Bourg-Saint-Andéol, a small road takes us out of the Rhône Valley to reach the interior. Barely 3 kms further, the proud village of Saint-Montan camped on its pedestal of the rock of Agache appears to us like a benevolent sentinel. Often illuminated by the deep sun of southern Ardèche, its ocher facades stand out from the limestone of the rocks that were used in its construction. Saint-Montan is classified as a Village of Character, among the 21 in Ardèche.

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  • Fermer filtres Bessas-Ardeche2-Copier-e1573117911363


    Set on a small hill, Bessas is a village of traditional stone houses. Don't hesitate to push open the door of the beautifully restored church to admire the magnificent altarpiece, and to take the footpaths that offer remarkable panoramic views.

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  • Fermer filtres vagnas-copyright-christian-donin


    Discovering Vagnas and its natural and wine-growing environment means immersing yourself in the history of the Southern Ardèche, from the Stone Age to the present day.

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  • Fermer filtres panorama village bidon ardeche©gorges-ardeche-pont-darc


    If you are french, when you hear the name of this village for the first time, you can't help but smile! The name "Bidon" could be explained by the fact that nature has created a natural water reserve here. It's also where you'll find Europe's largest doline...

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  • Fermer filtres SONY DSC


    Bourg-Saint-Andéol is certainly a town of history, but here heritage is lived and lived in. The streets of Bourg-Saint-Andéol offer a panorama of private mansions with special destinies.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-Chauzn-Ardeche-©Marina-Geray

    A small village with narrow streets, Chauzon was built entirely of stone on a rocky hillside on the right bank of the River Ardèche. The river then meanders through the famous Cirque de Gens nature reserve.

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  • Fermer filtres rando-dent-de-rez-©Matthieu-Dupont-web

    A small medieval village at the end of the world, Gras boasts a number of religious buildings and a heritage that bears witness to rural life and the agro-pastoral past of the Laoul plateau. Around the village, terraced vineyards, lavender fields and dry stone walls stretch out at the foot of the Dent de Rez, the highest point in the southern Ardèche at 719 metres.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-Grospierres-Ardeche

    Grospierres is a village of amazing places to discover! A Vaucluse resurgence with turquoise water, an old hilltop village, an isolated chapel... To discover on foot!

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  • Fermer filtres Labastide-de-Virac-Ardeche-©Marina-Geray

    Labastide de Virac is a charming village typical of the southern Ardèche, with its majestic 15th-century château and numerous hiking trails leading to the Ardèche Gorges.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-Labeaume-Ardeche©Matthieu-Dupont

    Lulled by the lapping of the River Beaume as it flows past, the village of Labeaume is surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs carved with caves. It is one of the villages with the most character.

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  • Fermer filtres Rochecolombe-©-Marina-Geray-1

    In Rochecolombe, time seems to have stood still. The steep, irregular cobbled streets criss-cross like a labyrinth, all converging on the highest point of the old village: the château belvedere.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-Lagorce-Ardeche©-Marina-Geray7

    Perched on a rocky outcrop, you're sure to fall in love with the old village of Lagorce and its narrow flower-lined streets! This little village has a gentle atmosphere.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-Pradons-Ardeche

    Situated on the banks of the Ardèche and the departmental road linking Ruoms to Aubenas, the village of Pradons is strategically located and offers a rich and varied range of activities.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-Ruoms-Ardeche©Melissa-Crus

    Ruoms, a small village on the banks of the River Ardèche, will charm you with its rich medieval past! Its historic centre, discreetly hidden behind the lively shopping street, is an invitation to stroll.

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  • Fermer filtres St-Just-Ardeche

    Situated at the confluence of the Rhône and Ardèche rivers, Saint-Just-d'Ardèche is a village with a southern flavour. Its reputation is built on its agricultural and wine production, which dates back to Roman times. In summer, a break on the Pont Cassé beach is a must!

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  • Fermer filtres ruelle-saint-marcel-ardeche-modif

    This cosy medieval village, with its ochre-coloured walls and narrow streets paved with Rhone pebbles, is certainly full of charm. Surrounded by ramparts, the little town is famous for its cave (Saint-Marcel), its vineyards in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône and its emblematic monuments such as the Château de Bernis and the chapel of Saint-Sulpice.

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  • Fermer filtres vtt-passage-entre-st-martin-ardeche-et-aigueze

    The village of Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche is perfectly situated for visiting the Ardèche Gorges, canoeing down the river or enjoying family time on the beaches. Awarded the Famille Plus label, this green resort welcomes young and old alike with its adapted facilities and activities.

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  • Fermer filtres lglise-romane-de-saint-maurice-dardche-copyright-sbastien-gayet-pont-darc-ardche (Copier)

    A typical village in the southern Ardèche, Saint-Maurice d'Ardèche is situated in the heart of a wine-growing area close to the River Ardèche.

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  • Fermer filtres place-chateauvieux-viviers©matthieu-dupont-1

    As the former capital of the Vivarais region, the town has been the bishopric of the Ardèche since the 5th century, and is also a "remarkable heritage site". Its strategic location on the banks of the Rhône and at the crossroads of several communication routes made it a rich and prosperous city in the Middle Ages and then during the Renaissance.

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  • Fermer filtres eglise-larnas-lavandes©frederic-mortain

    A small village with the scent of garrigue and lavender, Larnas can be enjoyed at the start or finish of a hike. The village of Larnas is accessed via the RD 262, which links the village to Saint-Montan. The road winds its way through the Gorges de la Sainte Beaume, characterised by scree slopes and views over the Rhône valley. The road through these gorges, formerly known as the "Chemin de la Ste Beaume", was opened in 1896. Prior to the creation of this road, trade with the valley was very difficult; the only regular links between Larnas and Saint-Montan were mule tracks and the famous postman's path.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-St-Remeze-Ardeche-©Marina-Geray

    Situated between the Ardèche Gorges, the Rhône Valley and the Dent de Rez Massif, the village of St Remèze is surrounded by fields of vines and lavender.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-Salavas-Ardeche-©Marina-Geray-2

    The charming village of Salavas, with its remarkable historical heritage, lies on the banks of the Ardèche opposite Vallon Pont d'Arc. It also offers a fantastic playground for lovers of outdoor sports.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-Sampzon-Ardeche-©Marina-Geray


    A tourist village surrounded by a loop of the Ardèche and dominated by its rock, Sampzon offers a unique view over the whole of the southern Ardèche and neighbouring departments.

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  • Fermer filtres Pont-dArc-Ardeche-©Matthieu-Dupont

    As the gateway to the Ardèche Gorges, just a stone's throw from the majestic Pont d'Arc and the Grotte Chauvet 2, a replica of the original cave listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vallon Pont d'Arc is one of the must-visit villages in the Ardèche.

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  • Fermer filtres Village-St-Alban-Auriolles-Ardeche-©Matthieu-Dupont


    Situated at the confluence of the Ardèche, Beaume and Chassezac rivers, this village has a long human history dating back to the Neolithic period, as evidenced by the presence of numerous dolmens.

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  • Fermer filtres Le-Pont-dArc-en-Ardeche©Marina-Geray

    The Pont d'Arc

    A geological curiosity that is unique in the world, this imposing natural arch was pierced through the rock by the passage of the River Ardèche. Located at the entrance to the Ardèche Gorges, the Pont d'Arc is 54 metres high and 60 metres wide, and dates back at least 500,000 years!

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  • Fermer filtres ©-Patrick-Aventurier-grotte-Chauvet-2-Ardeche-1

    Grotte Chauvet 2

    Discovered in 1994, the Grotte Chauvet is a cave decorated with prehistoric drawings dating back more than 36,000 years. With its 425 drawings and paintings, including exceptional animal frescoes (twice as old as Lascaux!), the Grotte Chauvet is the oldest evidence of art in Humanity. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.

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  • Fermer filtres Gorges-de-lArdeche©Marina-Geray

    The Ardèche Gorges Nature Reserve

    The landscape, archaeological, historical, fauna and flora interests of the Ardèche Gorges quickly highlighted the need to protect this exceptional site from the pressures of urban development and the effects of massive tourist numbers. In 1980, the Ardèche Gorges were classified as a National Nature Reserve, protecting some 2,000 hectares of wilderness.

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