We love the village of Balazuc!

It is classified one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, and you will very quickly understand why.

Little terraced houses built into the cliff face above the Ardèche river, the cool and shaded paved streets, secret passageways such as the “Fachinière” (spellbinder), archways, cobblestones, arts and crafts shops, a very pretty Roman church and so much more.

It sounds perfect doesn’t it?

And then head for the beach! What a magical place to go for a dip, facing the cliffs! Or for a ride in a canoe…

Balazuc ©B.Girardi
" Don’t miss the viewpoint overlooking the cliffs from the Roman church bell tower!

Viel Audon

Another absolute must-see while you’re visiting Balazuc is the hamlet of Viel Audon:

“You need to be slightly mad to think about bringing a hamlet back to life that’s made up only of ruins and without any access roads”.

That was the challenge that the Association Le Mat set themselves in 1972. Today, thanks to the thousands of volunteers, the hamlet of Viel Audon has been partially rebuilt.

You can even visit a goat farm, among other places to see!

I’m sure you’ve understood by now that you’ll be visiting this place on foot! On the other side of the Balazuc bridge, follow the footpath round to the left alongside the river for about twenty minutes.

" - Every Tuesday in the summer, between 6pm and 8pm, you can taste and take home samples of goat’s cheese, wine and other local delights from the farmer’s market at the entrance to the village.

And because Balazuc is a place that is full of surprises, our last recommendation for you is to visit the Muséum de l’Ardèche.

You will journey back in time with a collection of authentic fossils and discover the Ardèche as it was several millions of years ago.

There is 200 m² of exhibition space at the Museum, to learn about the paleontological heritage of the Ardèche.

Outside there is a garden where the whole family can enjoy the entertainment at the weekends and during the school holidays: excavation workshops, the discovery of fossils, making moulds and much more.

" Everything you need to discover the beautiful science of palaeontology!

More info on the town’s website.