To find oneself in front of the old village of Rochecolombe, it is each time the same wonder … It seems that here time has stopped. The old medieval village clings to its hill, and the pretty St Barthélémy chapel, like the tower of the old castle, seems to be delicately balanced above the houses. The irregular and raiding calades crisscross like a labyrinth, and all converge towards the highest point of the old village: the belvedere of the old castle. Everything here seems to have been done to blend in perfectly with nature, right down to the turquoise color of the water that spurts out from the waterfall in the background of the village …

Saint Barthélemy's chapel

Perched on its rocky outcrop, Rochecolombe is a feudal village dominated by the remains of a castle and its 12th century keep. Only the lower part of the village is inhabited today.

The Saint Barthélemy’s chapel, also built in the 12th century, has been miraculously preserved. “Wedged” on the rock at the top of the village, the chapel offers a superb panorama. It houses exhibitions every summer.

Rochecolombe ©Marina Geray

Rochecolombe Verdure Theater

At the foot of the old village of Rochecolombe, a pretty natural theater has been set up, the Théâtre de Verdure.

The place is truly magical to come and enjoy one of the many shows that are given there: concerts, contemporary dances, “Cinema under the stars” evenings, choirs, theatrical performances.

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Théatre de verdure ©Steph Tripot

The Romanesque church of St Pierre in Sauveplantade

Described as “the smallest church in Christendom”, the Romanesque church of Saint-Pierre de Sauveplantade in Rochecolombe dates from the 11th century and is located in the hamlet of Sauveplantade.

It served as a priory for a disappeared Benedictine monastery, dependent on the abbey of Cruas.

At the entrance there is a column dedicated to “the divine Aurelian” and a stele dedicated to “Jupiter”.

It also has three semicircular apses.

Eglise Sauveplantade Rochecolombe Ardèche

Favorite: the Rochecolombe waterfall

La Rochecolombe waterfall is a natural waterfall from the underground river Ibie. It has the particularity of not leaking all year round.

You must therefore be patient to see the active waterfall … and wait for the rainy episodes. It is the day after a very heavy rain or a violent thunderstorm that it is the most spectacular and powerful.

Its natural setting is magical.

When the river is in water, it takes on an astonishing turquoise blue color. The path to walk to the waterfall is indicated from the car park at the foot of the old village of Rochecolombe. It takes about 10 minutes to walk, and cross a small wooden bridge over the river. The show is absolutely worth the detour! And from the waterfall, the view of the old village of Rochecolombe is splendid!

Plonger dans la cascade de Rochecolombe ©Matthieu Dupont

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