Via Corda du Pont d'Arc avec Kayacorde

Via Corda du Pont d'Arc avec Kayacorde

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Via corda is an acrobatic course in cliff on the heights of fabulous gorges. We progress along a rope in a 100% natural environment, alternating between easy climbing, monkey bridge, zipline, cave, river & abseiling. Original experience. From 8 years old.

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Guided by a passionate and experienced instructor, you will progress attached to a rope, overhanging the river lined with multicoloured canoes. The programme includes forest walks, easy climbing and a few aerial passages. You'll pass under a sumptuous arch before taking the long zip line. To finish on a high, a giant 40m abseil on spider thread gently drops you to the foot of the river.
An unparalleled spectacle above a sensational landscape!
Suitable for beginners. No experience required.

We offer 3 different routes in the Southern Ardèche. They are suitable for beginners and no particular experience is required:

- Via corda du jardin d'Endieu (Berrias-et-Casteljau)
Located on the Casteljau peninsula in the heart of the Païolive wood, this is a short walk in the air that winds along a ledge 50 m above the river Chassezac. This is a unique viewpoint over breathtaking limestone gorges. You can also spot peregrine falcons and Bonelli's eagles. To finish, there's a sensational 40m-high abseil on a spider's thread, with a landing almost with your feet in the water. Swimming available. Suitable for children aged 8 and over.

- Via corda du Pont d'Arc (Vallon-Pont-d'Arc)
This is a small adventure course 5 minutes from Vallon, upstream from the prestigious Ardèche gorges. We follow the meandering river, along the cliffs, through the garrigue or along the water. The programme includes a walk in the forest, easy climbing, aerial sections, then an arch, a zip line and a 40 m high abseil to land gently at the foot of the river. Swimming available. For children aged 10 and over.

- Via corda KIDS du Pont d'Arc (Salavas)
Discover the via corda in complete serenity on a small course designed for the very young. This fun Baby-Via-Corda is accessible to the whole family. A complete micro-adventure that combines the great classics: easy climbing above the river, a small zip line, mini abseiling and a visit to a magical cave with its underground lake. It's a gentle way for toddlers and young children to discover the world around them.
No experience required. No passage required. Accessible to children aged 6 and over.