Ardèche is the land of dolmens

Ardèche is well-known for its exceptional treasures such as the Gorges, the Pont d’Arc natural arch, authentic villages, etc. We are sure you can come up with lots more examples without even having to think about it! But did you know that the Ardèche is one of the top destinations in France for the number of dolmens found here? Even more than in Brittany! Almost 900 monuments are dotted all over the Ardèche, and the majority of them are found here, near the Ardèche Gorges!

Dolmen Ardèche ©Matthieu Dupont

Discovery trails to explore the Dolmens

It’s up to you to choose how you would like to discover them: by the road, stopping off at the Bourbouillet viewpoint to enjoy the exceptional view.

Or on foot on one of the themed footpaths:

Download the map and the various trails

  • Dolmen Ardèche © Matthieu Dupont
  • Dolmen Ardèche ©Matthieu Dupont
  • Dolmen du Calvaire - Saint-Alban-Auriolles, Ardèche ©Matthieu Dupont