Salamandre Cave

Salamandre Cave

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Welcome to the Kingdom of the Giant Crystals. Discover this fairyland of a cave with its gigantic concretions lit up with sound and light. Activities and emotions for all. Extend your experience by enjoying our beautiful outdoor terrace with lots of good things to eat and drink.

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Welcome to Salamander Cave - Grotte de la Salamandre - Incredible by Nature .It is a great place to visit for those looking for an adventure experience and lots of sensations! The interpretive trail marks the start of the experience in the heart of preserved nature.

There are 5 different visits for different tastes

- The panoramic viewpoint and its amazing views, wheelchair-accessible (unique in Europe);
- The guided visit - a fascinating itinerary that lasts an hour, to the heart of this enormous cave with its amazing stalactites and stalagmites, lit up with lights and music;
- For a real adrenaline experience, the Great Belay: 50- meter descent where you discover the immense cave by the ceiling, on your own, with friends or with the whole family. A great experience and emotions to share!
- Behind the Scenes at Salamandre Cave: 2 and a half hours of spelunking in the deep rooms of the cave, a captivating and fun experience, full of beauty and athletically challenging.
- the extraordinary Aéroplume© flight, a unique experience in the world allowing you to discover the Cave from the air. After slipping into a cocoon fixed under the balloon, the pilot will move gently thanks to its two large “fins”.

There are constant events punctuating the life of the site, such as the Trail des Avens, unusual visits or the numerous Mardis Live concerts offered in season.

Outside, eco-responsible buildings are covered with solar panels, producing most of the energy used to light the Cave. The reception structure, nestled on the cliffside, houses a pretty boutique selling original items as well as a refreshment bar offering good products to taste on the magnificent terrace which overlooks wild and preserved scrubland. In the immediate vicinity, the Accro-Bambino will allow the little ones to live their own adventure in a suspended course surrounded by safety nets. While waiting for the visit or to extend the moment, children accompanied by their parents will join the Nuggets River located in our picnic area, equipped with a sandbag available in our store. By sifting the sand, they will little by little discover pretty minerals, and the lucky ones may even find a (small) gold nugget!