Photos marked with this pictogram are by Matthieu Dupont. They illustrate the sections of this magazine.

Autumn light under the Pont d’Arc

Must-see sites

Le Pont d'Arc © Matthieu Dupont (3)

Sylvain Nougaret fell in love with molten glass when he was 14 in Murano, Italy. In 2011, he opened his own glass-blowing studio in Ruoms where he developed his craft skills.

Today, at SYGMA, he and Mathilde have created a unique place where he can continue to create and offer original pieces, as well as share his exceptional craftsmanship by opening the doors of his studio for unforgettable experiences!

SYGMA – 245 route de Bévennes 07120 Ruoms –

Local Figures

La magie du souffleur de verre avec Sylvain Nougaret © Matthieu Dupont

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Grotte Chauvet being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019, the incredible animal world painted 36,000 years ago has been brought out of the cave. With the help of photographer Clément Briend, walls, trees and villages have been transformed into giant screens, as seen here on the facsimile of Grotte Chauvet 2 – Ardèche.


5e anniversaire de l'inscription de la Grotte Chauvet à l'UNESCO © Matthieu Dupont (2)

Olives are an ancient and traditional crop in southern Ardèche. A number of mills receive olives from private individuals at harvest time in the autumn and offer their production of oils and gourmet products derived from this. Renowned for their quality, they produce oils of excellence, such as the ‘La Magnanerie’ olive grove in Orgnac l’Aven, which in 2021 was awarded the title of ‘World’s Best Organic Oil’ by the ‘Flos Olei’ guide, a benchmark in the industry.

Short supply chains

La Magnanerie - Orgnac, le 13 octobre 2020.

Highline demonstration in the Aven d’Orgnac Grand Site de France by the Slackline Ardèche association. The forty-metre-long strap is attached to the stalagmites and is over thirty metres up in the air. For one exceptional day, slackliners become cave tightrope walkers!

A spirit of initiative