Pôle archéologique MuséAl

Pôle archéologique MuséAl

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Travel back in time to Gallo-Roman Ardèche when you visit the museum and the archaeological site in Alba-la-Romaine!

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Be amazed as you walk around the ruins of Ancient Alba-la-Romaine. You will be able to discover an ambitious architectural programme with its administrative centre, the theatre, temples and shops.
In the second century BC, nearly all south Ardèche is occupied by the Helvii, a Gallic people. This territory as Southeast of Gaul is under Roman control.
Around 85 BC Cabur, the Chief of the helviens obtained Roman citizenship. The remains of the fortress of Jastres, located 15 minutes from Alba-la-Romaine, could attest its power and loyalty to Rome. Around 10 BC, the fortress of Jastres is abandoned. The city of Alba Helviorum was expended with a Roman urban development.
Alba was on a highly strategic location, on network roads from the Rhône valley to Cévennes and to the south of Gaul. The ancient city was the capital of the Helviens people.
Alba was from the first century a major city. The archaeological site, forgotten during almost 1 500 years was rediscover under the vine.
You can enjoy a walk around the archaeological site which includes a monumental centre, a theatre, temples and shops.
Maybe these objects could give us information about our culture’s origins and how we live today? Could these objects be still able to surprise us or entice us?

You can pursue your trip around the museum collection; you will discover objects of everyday life from the past.

Each year, a temporary exposition focuses on an aspect of the archaeological research of Alba. You will be able to discover the archaeological works from inside.
There are still many bridges between yesterday and today!