Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche

Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche

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Discover humanity's first great masterpieces, dated 36,000 years ago. In a 29-hectare wooded park, the Chauvet cave, 'grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche', is the largest replica in the world of a cave. It recreates the magic of the Chauvet cave, part of UNESCO World Heritage.

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Over 36,000 years ago, in a deep cave, the early artists in the history of Humanity painted a series of masterpieces: horses, lions, rhinoceros and many other animals, all caught in movement, hunting, running, fighting.

When the Chauvet cave was discovered in 1994, it set the world on fire, revolutionizing the history of art and previous knowledge. It quickly became a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its replica, the Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche, which opened in 2015, allows the public to discover this first great masterpiece of Humanity.

The cave replica, a cultural destination just steps from the Ardèche river canyons and the Pont-d’Arc, is the most popular cultural site in Ardèche.

Visiting the cave takes you on a journey to the origins of art, and immerses you in Prehistory.

At the cave replica, several other discoveries also await you, such as the Aurignacian Gallery which enhances the visit of the cave and provides in-depth insights on our ancestors, their art and their environment in an immersive, interactive setting.

The great display hall is currently showing a magical, universally-understood show, 'Animal, from prehistory to street art', an immersive 360° sound and light experience. Everyone can watch and move around within this monumental fresco accompanied by a stunning original musical score.

All year long, cultural programs, conferences, workshops and special events add to the experience of visiting the replica, and help visitors feel and understand the timeless gestures made by our ancestors in creating this art.

The ticket includes the guided visit of the cave, visiting the Aurignacian Gallery, the show "Animal, from Prehistory to street art", and taking part in the activities conducted during holiday periods and on the weekends from April to October.

There is also a restaurant with a panoramic view open all year long, and a bookshop-boutique with over 1000 items.